For convenience, we have provided all of the Plan brochures for you in a single location. Read more to get answers to questions you may have. If you do not find the answers you need, contact an Account Executive.

Education & Enrollment Kit (PDF) – This kit provides a detailed description of all aspects of the Plan, including the Plan's three-tier investment structure.

Enrollment Form (PDF - fillable) – Download and fill out this form directly on your computer, or print it and fill it out by hand. You must print, sign and submit this form through the mail for processing to participate in the Plan.

Fee Disclosure Form (PDF) – This brochure provides detailed information about the Plan fees and expenses.

Your NYSDCP Statement Guide (PDF) – The Statement Guide gives you details on how to read and understand your Plan statement.

Plan Investment Options Guide (PDF) – This brochure provides detailed information on the various investment options available in the Plan. It explains the costs associated with participating in the Plan, and the provisions that apply to exchanges between the various investment options.

Roth 457 FAQ (PDF) – The Plan offers after-tax Roth contributions with the potentially tax-free withdrawals in retirement. Browse the FAQs to understand more about the Roth 457 option.

Roth 457 In Plan Conversion FAQ (PDF) – The Plan offers Roth 457 In Plan Conversions. These FAQs may answer the questions that you have.

The Importance of Asset Allocation (PDF) – This brochure helps you determine your time horizon and risk tolerance by answering eight simple questions. The results may assist you in diversifying your investment dollars.

Serving You Throughout Your Lifetime (PDF) – The Plan is a convenient way for you to invest and potentially save for your retirement. Read more about how the Plan may serve you and your retirement needs throughout your lifetime.

Rollover Questions and Answers (PDF) – This brochure offers important questions you should ask before transferring your Plan assets to another qualified retirement plan.

Easy Access (PDF) – Access your Plan account information through our automated Voice Response System (VRS). This guide explains how to manage your Plan account with the VRS, and provides information such as the VRS fund codes.

Loan Program Highlights (PDF) – Read more about the requirements and terms of the loan program.

Self Directed Investment Account Handbook (PDF) – This document provides an overview of the Self Directed Investment Account (SDIA). The SDIA gives you the freedom and responsibility of selecting and managing investments from a large selection of mutual funds and exchange traded funds (ETFs).

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