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How can I access my Plan account?

To access your account, click "home" at the top of the screen and input your username (or SSN if applicable) and password into the box labeled "Access my Plan", then press "Login". This will take you to your account where you can find information about your account and make updates.

If you do not have a username and password, set it up now.

How do I know if I am a current participant?

A current participant is a public employee who is already enrolled and participating in the Plan. If you are not currently participating in one of our plans and would like to be, complete and mail the Enrollment Kit (PDF).

How is the stock market doing?

To see how the stock market is doing, you can visit the learning center and then click on "Interactive Market Data". There you will see a financial market summary, industrial market trends, and the most recent market news.

How do I print a page or document that is in a pop-up box?

Ctrl+P enables you to print any screen. Make sure that the window or pop-up box you want to print is active (Click inside the window you wish to print to activate it.) and press Ctrl+ P. This will bring up the print dialog box. It may be necessary for you to set the print options such as print range, paper size, and orientation. 

Why are the pages not printing completely?

To correct this situation, select the Landscape setting on your printer preferences. Because the actual location of the selection varies across printer manufacturers, please consult your printer manual for more information.

Is the information that I provide over the Internet secure?

The hacker presents many problems to companies and individuals alike. The most serious hacker activity is theft of data. We take appropriate steps to assure that your information is kept safe.

Get the help you need

Contact the HELPLINE if you have questions about using the Plan website.

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