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  Congratulations! You're about to embark on an important step in planning for your retirement. First review the information on this page, then jump into the Retirement Planner or explore our other useful resources.   
  About this Service  
  The Retirement Planner is a state-of-the-art program that will help you set up a retirement plan and receive specific investment advice or guidance. You can also visit the Learning Station to find the answers to all of your investment questions. And use the Research Lab to fully investigate the performance of your retirement plan investments.  
  Time to Complete  
  Most people can create a retirement plan in about 20 minutes. If you own a lot of investments, it may take a little longer. You can always stop and come back later to finish!  
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Getting Started  
To start building your investment plan, just click the "Start" button and you'll be on your way!  
Things You Need  
You'll need to gather your most recent account statements from your retirement plan; statements for any other retirement investments, if applicable, such as IRA's, brokerage accounts, and outside pensions; and your Social Security Benefits form.  
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