Healthy habits for financial fitness

Our National Retirement Security Month campaign

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Use the topics and downloadable materials on this page as a conversation starter, to offer employees ideas for simple habits they could adopt to help improve their long-term financial fitness through your Nationwide® retirement plan.

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Join the Plan today

Help new employees and eligibles understand that joining the plan and committing to contributions every payday is an easy way to develop a healthy habit that could yield long-term benefits. Our "Join the Plan" email message explains the concept of time and compounding and encourages new employees and eligibles to act now. Download, copy and send it via your email system to new employees and workers who have not yet joined your retirement plan.

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Balance your portfolio

Remind mid-career participants that keeping a balanced, diversified portfolio may help minimize risk as they invest for their retirement income goals. Our "Keep your balance" email message explains how to establish and maintain a balanced, diversified portfolio so that investment risks may be minimized as assets remain invested according to the participant’s goals for potential growth. Download, copy and send it via your email system to your participants.

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Increase regularly

Show mid-career participants how a habit of increasing their per-pay contribution by a little bit every year could make a healthy difference in their portfolio at retirement. Our “Increase regularly” email includes a chart that shows how a retirement saver could hypothetically achieve nearly a million dollars more in their account at retirement by committing to a $25 per paycheck increase every year of a 35-year career. Download, copy and send it via your email system to your participants.

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Prepare to transition

When participants reach age 50, they’ve earned the opportunity to build extra momentum for their retirement account. Our "Exercise your perk" email explains how committing to making catch-up contributions could mean a lot for their financial fitness throughout retirement. Download, copy and send it via your email system to participants who are at least age 50.

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Customize and share with participants to help them put healthy habits to work.

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This material is not a recommendation to buy or sell a financial product or to adopt an investment strategy. Investors should discuss their specific situation with their financial professional.
Investing involves market risk, including possible loss of principal. No investment strategy — including diversification, asset allocation, asset rebalancing and compounding — can guarantee to make a profit or avoid loss. Actual results will vary depending on your investment and market experience.